Located in Victoriaville, Québec, Dentler is a family business, passionate about animals and nature. We manufacture products that value the respect of animals and our precious nature. From the selection to packaging, each operation is based on meticulous work, respecting the highest quality standards and contributing to the preservation of the environment. Each Dentler product is transformed manually by workers. Our entire staff participates in the development of the company and shares its values.

Whether through our maple-smoked ham-flavored products or our sanitization process, Dentler stands out for its unique innovation in Canada. Launched in May 2016, our Dentler products are currently available in more than 600 retail outlets across the country.


315 boul Labbé Nord
Victoriaville, Qc
G6P 1B1

Phone : 819 758-3828

Mail : info@dentlerchews.com


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